What’s the best weight option for a Lead Sled?

If you use Lead Sled Shooting Rests, you know it’s important to add some weight to the Sled depending on the gun and ammo you’re shooting or testing. However, we end up wondering what the best weight type for these situation. Thinking about it, I made a small compilation of the best lead sled weight options:



caldwell-weight-bagExcellent option to use inside Weight Bags. It has a good result on absorption of recoil and is relatively easy to access.

* Buy sand from establishments with good hygiene. Sand may be contaminated with diseases such as Toxoplasmosis that can cause serious damage to your health. So, before you get sand from anywhere, think twice.





– Low price per pound

– Easy access


– Requires a strong and sturdy bag to prevent sand leakage

Dumbbells and Weight Plates

weight-plate-gun-sledFor some types of gun sled is perhaps the best option, since it has exactly the same format of where the weight is placed, as you can see in the image, where the two 25 pounds weight plates fit perfectly in the Caldwell Lead Sled Plus.






– Good price

– Does not require bags

– You can use it on other occasions, as in your training, for example.


– It can be a problem when we talk about transportation


Lead Shot


Of all the options that I know and that I have read about, it is the one that behaves better. I’m not very good at physics, but somehow the recoil energyl is absorbed more effectively by lead shot than by other materials.

*If anyone knows the reason, please comment below)







– Better recoil reduction

– Doesn’t need bags (it already comes with). Check Here.

– Easy to carry

– Do not leak


– Price?

Keep in mind that these are only recommendations for optimized performance. However, you can use your imagination to create your perfect weight. Some people melt weight plates to stay in the exact shape of the sled and so on. Use your imagination.

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