Sinclair Shooting Rest Review

Sinclair Shooting Rest

Sinclair Shooting Rest












  • Top 3 Front Rests in the market
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Flawless windage control


  • Rear bag required

Specifications –Sinclair-Rest-Jan-2014-Header-500x372

  • Frame material: Steel
  • Height adjustment: 5″ to 10″
  • Footprint Front to Rear: 13″
  • Footprint Right to Left: 11 3/4
  • Windage Adj. @ 100 yds: 60″
  • Weight: Approximately 30 pounds


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If you are looking for the best gun rest for shooting competition, you found it. Whether you’re a competitor in Target Rifle Shooting, F-Class tournament, Benchrest shooting, or just trying to achieve your personal shooting record, the Sinclair Front Rest offers to you the most professional, versatile, and sturdy gun rest in the market. The Sinclair Competition Rest foundation starts with a one inch, solid steel base plate with a reliable granite powder coat finish. This result in a bulky unit – over 30 pounds – with the lowest center of gravity, combined with a footprint that’s no larger than other tripod rests currently on the market. It’s nearly twice as heavy as other good front rest in the market, the Caldwell Rock, which make the Sinclair shooting rest the best option for any type of shooting class.

The shooting rest has the windage control firmly built straight into the surface of the rest. It integrate dual sets of twin tapered roller bearings for an painless windage control. The large windage operation knob is disposed near the rear speed screw where simultaneous one-handed adjustment is easily accessible. Almost four feet of windage manipulation is offered at 100 yards – enough for any benchrest shooting class. The oversized, fluted handwheel also offers smooth vertical adjustment with the aid of a thrust bearing. For shooters who prefer to adjust windage off the rear bag or do not have a need for the windage adjustable base block, a non-windage-adjustable model is also available.

It doesn’t matter if you are right or left handed, the unique structure of this windage unit platform result in an entirely ambidextrous set-up. The post, center column, controls and windage adjustment disassemble and reassemble on the opposite side, for a completely mirrored, left hand use.


As you can check in the above picture,the Edgewood bag fits perfectly with the Sinclair Shooting Rest. Protektor bags in bench, sporter, and varmint conformations will be fine too. The lockable forend stop unit also allows height and length adjustments. They are also approved for competition shooting. So you doesn’t need to worry about equipment certification.

Personal Opinion –

This Sinclair rest is so much easier to use than my “tripod” style windage rest, it’s almost like cheating. It’s super smooth and you can control elevation and windage at the same time with one hand. At first I thought there wouldn’t be enough elevation to use with my high rear bag but there was plenty. The only “downside”(minor) is that it is difficult to see how much windage is dialed in when setting up the rest. I have 5 minutes of preparation time in F-class and there is a lot to do. Anyway, I was skeptical about paying this much for a rest, but now I feel it is worth every cent, and it’s almost half the price of Farley rest.
I understand if you say that the price is too high. If you want a front rest more accessible and high quality, I recommend you my review of Caldwell The Rock BR, my first front rest.



 Is there any video about the shooting rest ?

Of course!

This Shooting rest includes the Edgewood front bag ?

No. The Edgewood bag is not included, and must be purchased separately.

Assembling –

Very simple. Check Sinclair shooting rest here.

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