Caldwell Lead Sled Solo Review

Caldwell Solo Rifle Shooting Rest

Caldwell Solo Rifle Shooting Rest












  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Outsanding quality
  • Great recoil reduction


  • Weight tray capacity(only 25lbs)

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Sometimes you need a shooting rest that is durable and effective when you are sighting or pattering your gun, and the Caldwell Solo Rifle Shooting Rest might be exactly what you are looking for. It features a sturdy construction that is well balanced and its recoil reduction performance ensures accurate shots.

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Solo Shooting Rest build and features

The Caldwell Lead Sled Solo has one steady platform, that is perfect for who is searching for a really nice grip when zeroing.
When you gonna test ammunition, you wanna take any human error out of it and hopefully this is gonna assist you in doing that, and the other thing that I thought was pretty interesting was the way this is designed, they say it takes about 95% of the fault recoil away when you’re firing, so if you’ve got larger caliber rifles that you’re gonna be shooting, that can be cumbersome on your shoulder and supposedly this is gonna reduce that by 95%. To test that theory i’ve shooted with 308 and 50 BeoWulf .

This thing is actually a really simple design, it sits on tripod where two legs are in the front and one in the the rear. Both legs have adjustment pegs on them, so you can level this thing out no matter what surface you are putting it on. The front and rear rest are attached together on an arm that swings out and around the side of the platform, and this allows for the center space to be empty in case you are using a weapon that has an extended magazine that leaves room for that, which is another feature that I really like. Also, the actual rear part where you put your stock in i haven’t had any issues fitting all kind of different stocks into this and it just worked really well, it’s very solid and upfront you have a really nice rest and it also has some velcro straps, so you can actually secure your weapon in there real nice and tight.

You also have another great thing, the adjustment nob, where you can do some fine adjusting when you’re putting your sites on target, but when your riffle actually fires and recoils, the muzzle try to rise up, and the arm actually push it back and forth and its met with the resistance of that spring. Causing greater stability and obviously greater recoil.
In the center of the sled, you will find a place where you can put a 25 pound bag of led shot, and that’s really nice, beacause it helps weigh it down a bit if you’re shooting more high power loads.

The Caldwell Lead Sled Solo and my AR 15.

The Caldwell Lead Sled Solo fits the AR 15 perfectly.

Caldwell Lead Sled Solo Performance

The first rifle that i tried was my AR and there’s really no recoil on the 556,especially shooting out of the sled, so that really wasn’t an issue. But I just wanted to get comfortable behind it and it was a real steady platform, very easy to adjust. Next up was my 308, obviously it has a lot more recoil, and if you go slow motion when firing this type of ammo, you can actually see the arm pivot upwards with the muzzle rise and take up a lot of that recoil that would ordinarily go right back into your shoulder. My next try was the 50 BeoWulf, and this thing definitely has some recoil. After shooting 20 rounds out of the 308, and 20 rounds out of the 50 BeoWulf, I felt like I hadn’t done anything at all when it comes to my shoulder. This thing really does take the recoil !


The Lead Sled Solo is the deal among recoil decreasing shooting rests. It is perfect for AR platform and lever acton rifles, providing plenty of clearance for extended lever throws and magazines. It is at its best with rifles that produce about 20 foot pounds or less of rearward thrust. In actuality, that means most rifles from .30-06 on down, depending on gun weight. What it isn’t as suitable for is slug guns, heavy-recoil magnums and patterning shotgun turkey loads. Though target shooting with the real heavy- kickers is not as popular as shooting .308 and .223 caliber rifles, if that is your application, you might be better off considering a Lead Sled DFT that can handle up to 100 pounds of lead, although rarely is more than 50 pounds (two bags or other weight type) needed. For a lead sled that have more features, please check our other shooting sleds reviews.



Will the Original Lead Sled really reduce recoil?

Sure! The Caldwell Lead Sled Solo was produced specifically to reduce recoil. The effectiveness of the design was proven through extensive testing, with different types of guns.
What is unique about it?

The Cadwell shooting rest Solo was designed to accomodate detachable magazine, lever guns and semi-auto rifles like the AR-15. The offset frame accepts AR mags and leaves room for operating a lever. All this at a really afordable price.

Will the Lead Sled Solo Damage my stock or my scope?

No. With up to 25 pounds of weight the rest will in no way damage a modern gun or scope. The rest basically takes the place of your shoulder and absorbs and transfers the recoil through the frame. Just don’t use more weight than the recommendated.

What should I use for weight?

You can add almost any type of weight to the tray. While most people recommends solid metal weight, a lot of Caldwell tests has shown that lead shot weight perform better than sand or full metal weight. The recommendation is 25 pounds of lead shot.

>>Still unsure?? Click here to see what Caldwell Solo real owners have to say on


It’s very easy and straight forward, it will require only a few minutes, using the three provided hex keys and the included wrench to fully assemble your rest, and consists in basicly four parts:

  • Tray and foot assembly;
  • Front cradle assembly;
  • Front cradle and elevation system;
  • Windage cradle assembly.

If you want full instructions about the caldwell lead sled solo, check their manual here.

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