Ransom Master Series Pistol Rest Review

Ransom Handgun Rest

Ransom Handgun Rest












  • Heavy Duty construction
  • The best pistol rest in the market
  • Virtually no recoil
  • Fits almost all handguns in the market


  • You need to buy different grips
  • Price
  • Handguns ONLY.

Specifications –ransom


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Dimensions: 11″ x  14″ x 12 “
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Made in the USA and veteran owned & operated



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Testing handguns is much more complex than it sounds. When firing a handgun for accuracy, the main goal is to try to determine just how accurate the gun will shoot using your best ammunition available, whether it be handloaded or made in the industry. In other words, you just want to find out whats the maximum potential of one particular gun.

When you are testing handsguns, the first thing you need to get rid of is the human error. A lot of people say they test their pistols and revolvers at their maximum potential. However, this is not true because they often “contaminate” the analysis with error factors, such as inadequate ammunition or the most common, lack of a solid basis for the complete removal of human error. In other words, a good pistol shooting rest.

Thinking about this kind of situation, the folks at Ransom International recognized this need and did something about it. They developed the Ransom Master Series Rest, an accuracy-testing machine that allows even children to test their handgun to its full potential. As I said before, contrary to what some believe, you can not simply put a gun in a gun and shoot it into a target. The forces of recoil on any weapon larger than a rimfire would either damage the weapon or move it in the vise. To test a mounted gun, it must be able to react to the recoil. Adding to that, an effective testing tool should also be able to accommodate most any type of handgun.

The Ransom Rest uses a clamshell mounting system that fits a variety of grip adapters specifically fitted for certain handgun models (sold separately). The grip adapters are high-density rubber with an aluminum backing plate. They’re molded to exactly fit the frame of the gun. The grips are removed from the gun and the clamshell fits over the grip frame. The clamshell is tightened in sequence and the gun is ready to be loaded and fired.

To handle recoil, Ransom developed a pivot system that mimics the movement of a shooter’s wrist. When the gun fires, it pivots from the bottom of the grip upward against a clutch system that limits travel. The tester then pushes the gun back down to the battery position and fires another shot. Other than using the sights to get the first shot on paper, there is no need to even look at the sights or have an aiming point on the target. The trigger is also operated by the system eliminating the need for the shooter to come in contact with the gun during firing.

Of course, for this to happen, you have to have a solid table or bench to mount the rest and your target also has to be stable. I use a concrete table and a benchmark for testing out to 50 yards. The instructions are very specific about mounting the unit, since any movement defeats the purpose of the test.


Personal Opinion –

The Ransom Rest is a very high quality piece of equipment. It is obviously built by craftsmen, and weighs about fourteen pounds. It totally eliminates shooter error, allowing the shooter to quickly determine with confidence the accuracy of the gun and load combination tested. While it will undoubtedly prove very useful to me in testing various handguns, it should also prove to be a good tool to any serious handgunner. It will allow the shooter to test many different handloads or ammunition in his handguns to achieve the full potential of his weapon, determining the best loads for that particular handgun.

While the Ransom Rest is not inexpensive, it costs no more than a good quality revolver or auto pistol. I get email from shooters everyday asking about potential accuracy problems with their handguns. Usually after much discussion, the problems can be traced to ammunition or shooter error. Having a Ransom Rest, any shooter can better realize the full potential of his handguns and ammunition. Like good hand loading equipment or a chronograph, owning a Ransom Rest adds to the enjoyment of the sport, and should be considered by any serious handgunner.

The only limitation of the Ransom Rest is that you need a wide array of inserts to evaluate the various guns that come along. For a shooter, particularly a handloading one, the Ransom Rest provides the ability to maintain quality control over large batches of a given load. It is also handy in developing a new load or selecting a commercial load. Several 10 shot groups with a commercial or handmade load through the same gun will pretty much show what your gun will do. If you have a gun of known accuracy, careful use of the Ransom Rest can show you what each of many loads are capable of. Conversely, you can find out which of several similar pistols will shoot best with any given load. It is literally a handgun lie detector.


Can i have the list of avaliable grip inserts?


The chart below lists most of the inserts currently available.

Manufacturer Model(s)
Astra 357
Astra A-80, A-90, A-100
AMT Automag
Beretta 89 Series
Beretta 92, 92S
Beretta 92SB/F/SBF/FS
Beretta 92FCM
Beretta 8000 Series
Beretta 9000 Series
Blank Specify Large or Small Handgun
Browning 9mm Hi-Power
Browning BDA, SIG P-220 (European)
Browning BDM (9mm)
Browning Buck Mark
Browning Medalist, FN 150
Caspian (High Capacity)
Charter Arms Revolvers (all)
Colt .45 Government Model (45 ACP), including all Series 70 and Series 80 full-size 1911-pattern pistols, such as the 1991 A1, Commander, Gold Cup, Delta Elite, and Combat Elite.
Colt Detective Special
Colt Double Eagle
Colt Frontier, Single-Action Army
Colt New Frontier
Colt New Service
Colt Officer’s ACP, 1991 A1 Compact
Colt Python, Officer’s Model
Colt SSP
Colt Trooper Mark III
Colt Trooper Mark V, Anaconda
Colt Woodsman Match Target
Colt 2000
C/Z Model 75, T/Z 75
Dan Wesson Large Frame Revolvers
Dan Wesson Small Frame Revolvers
Desert Eagle All Calibers
EAA Witness Specify Large or Small
Freedom Arms Single-Action Revolvers
Glock Model 17, Model 22
Glock Model 19, Model 23
Glock Model 20, Model 21
Glock Model 26, Model 27
Glock Model 29, Model 30
Hammerli Model 106, Model 107 (Free Pistol)
Hammerli Model 208, Model 211, Model 212, Model 215
Hammerli Model 280
Heckler & Koch P7 M13, P7 M10
Heckler & Koch PSP, P7M8
Heckler & Koch P9S
Heckler & Koch USP (9/40)
Heckler & Koch USP Compact (9/40)
Heckler & Koch USP (45)
Heckler & Koch USP (45) Compact
Heckler & Koch VP70
Hi Standard Model 104, (Models 102-105)
Hi Standard Model 106, Model 107
Interarms Virginia Dragoon
Korth Revolver
L. A. R. Grizzly
L. E. S. P-18
Luger all
Manurhin MR-73
Mauser Model 1896 (Broomhandle)
McCormick 1911/STI/SVI
Para-Ordinance P13-45, P14-45 (Fits all models except single stack)
Pardini Fiocchi SP, SPE, MP, GPO, K-60 (Factory Direct Only)
Ruger .22 automatic
Ruger .22/45
Ruger Bisley
Ruger Blackhawk, Vaquero
Ruger Super Blackhawk
Ruger GP 100
Ruger P85, P89, P90, P91
Ruger P93, 94, 95
Ruger Redhawk
Ruger Super Redhawk
Ruger SP 101
Ruger Security Six 150
Ruger Security Six 151 +
Ruger Speed Six
Sako Tri-Ace
Sig Pro
Sig P-210
Sig P-220 (American)
Sig P-225
Sig P-226
Sig P-228, P-229
Sig P-230
Sig P-239
Sig P-240
Sig P-245
Smith & Wesson J-Frame (Square), covering Models 31-37, 50, 56, 63, and 651 with “square-butt” grip frame.
Smith & Wesson J-Frame (Round), covering Models 31-37, 50, 56, 63, and 651 with “round-butt” grip frame.
Smith & Wesson K-Frame, L-Frame (Square), covering Models 10-19, 48, 53, 64-67, and 617. All L-Frame Models 581, 586, 681, and 686 with “square-butt” grip frame.
Smith & Wesson K-Frame, L-Frame (Round), covering Models 10-19, 48, 53, 64-67, and 617. All L-Frame Models 581, 586, 681, 686 and 696 with “round-butt” grip frame.
Smith & Wesson N-Frame (Square), covering Models 20, 24-29, 57, 58, 521, 524, 610, 624, 625, 629, and 657 with “square butt” grip frame.
Smith & Wesson N-Frame (Round), covering Models 20, 24-29, 57, 58, 521, 524, 610, 624, 625, 629, and 657 with “round butt” grip frame.
Smith & Wesson 1917 Revolver
Smith & Wesson 22A
Smith & Wesson Model 41, Model 46
Smith & Wesson Models 52, 39, 439, 539, 639
Smith & Wesson Models 59, 459, 559, 659
Smith & Wesson Models 422, 522, 622, 2200
Smith & Wesson Model 469, Model 669
Smith & Wesson Model 645, Model 745, Model 845
Smith & Wesson Model 945
Smith & Wesson 3900 Series
Smith & Wesson 3910 Series
Smith & Wesson 4500 Series, 1000 Series
Smith & Wesson 4510 Series, 1010 Series
Smith & Wesson 5900 Series, 4000 Series
Smith & Wesson 6900 Series
Smith & Wesson Sigma Series
Star Firestar
Star Firestar Plus
Star Megastar
Star Ultrastar
Star P. D. Frame
Star Models 28M, 30M, 30PK, 31
Star SA
Steyr GB
Taurus Large Frame Revolvers
Thompson/Center Contender
Unique D. E. S. 69 A1
Unique D. E. S. 69
Unique D. E. S. 69-U, 32-U
Unique VO-79
Walther Model OSP, Model GSP (New)
Walther Model OSP, Model GSP (Old)
Walther P-38
Walther P-5
Walther P-5 Compact
Walther P-88 (New)
Walther P-88 (Old)
Walther P-88 Compact
Walther P-99
Walther Model PPK, Model PPK-S, Model PP

*Over 100 grip insert models are available. Check Ransom Rest website for full information.


Not very complicated. See instructions here.

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