Primos Gen 2 Jim Shockey Trigger Stick Review

Primos Gen 2 Jim Shockey Trigger Stick Tripod

Primos Gen 2 Jim Shockey Trigger Stick Tripod












  • Removable V yoke.
  • Rotating V-Yoke (360º).
  • Strong and lightweight 7075 aluminum legs.
  • Primos Trigger Stick System.

Below you can read our Primos Trigger Stick Gen 2 Review and find out why it is considered one of the best value for money shooting sticks out there nowadays.

Primos is one of the leading names in the industry of shooting pods. Dedicated to providing its customers with quality products that are also affordable, one of their most popular models is the Primos Trigger Stick. It is designed with high performance and comfort in mind, and is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced hunters.

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Material: 7075 Aluminum
Maximum Height: 62 Inches
Minimum Height: 24 Inches

Primos Gen 2 Shooting Stick build and features

The Primos Gen 2 Jim Shockey is all that you will need in a tripod . Built to withstand some of the toughest extremes that hunters come across, this shooting stick has been utilized by so many and it is the product of a well-known and trusted brand among hunters. Produced using top notch steel materials, and providing a solid base when stood up, it absolutely can take care of business.
In addition to offering the possibility of height adjustment from 33 to 65 inches, you can lock it in the desired position in a way so firm that you will be amazed. When you’re done with your shots, simply push a button, close it, and you’re ready to go. If you have the need to shoot at different positions, just turn the V-Yoke to the desired angle and height.
The handle and leg adjustment is easy and very smooth to operate, and once the Primos tripod is set in the desired positions, it rests firmly and quietly. One of the best parts of this tripod is that it is very quiet, which is a must if you are hunting, taking pictures, or something that requires silence. As stated earlier, you just need to move your finger to adjust the height of your shooting stick.
Its made in lightweight 7075 aluminum base makes transport comfortable, but without sacrificing durability. You can literally use any rifle in this shooting rest, from your air rifle to your favorite hunting firearm.
Carrying the Jim Shockey is very easy, after all, he weighs just over 2lbs. After the retraction process it is approximately 41 inches long. It even includes a strap at the bottom of the legs that have the purpose of strap all 3 legs together, tuurning it into a mono stick, which makes it easy to use when hunting or hiking.

The Primo’s tripod can also be adjusted nearly the fly, which is ideal for shooting with a partner or in variable land conditions. As the V Yoke is removable and the legs are adjustable, aiming up is no problem and when the tripod legs are flat, you can easily shoot from the sitting position.

As you can see, simplicity is the key to this tripod. Everything works in a very simple mechanism, which makes things more reliable, since where there are many parts, there is more chance of something to break and leave you in a bad situation.

The Primos Trigger Stick Gen 2 Tripod and my rifle.

The versatility of this tripod makes it the best shooting stick on the market.

Primos Gen 2 Performance

The primos trigger stick has some characteristics that make it the best tripod for hunting. This is due to its strong construction, which allows the shooter to perform his tasks without having to worry about the stability of his shooting rest or if he will handle his rifle without collapsing. All this together with the fact of being very light, making the transport very simple and pleasurable.

Another feature that sets it apart from other shooting pods is its trigger mechanism, which gives it the name of “primos trigger stick”. This system allows the shooter to make changes to the tripod’s height without having to take his finger off the gun trigger, making it one of the best options for  hunters.


Anyone who has participated in long hunting trips knows that somtimes the weight starts to make a difference, and that is where you want to have a functional equipment, but with light weight. The Primos Jim Shockey seeks to solve this type of situation by offering a highly functional shooting pod, but not too heavy. Undoubtedly, a great option to improve our results in the field.



Can I use it as a crossbow tripod?

Yes, absolutely! You can also check out our complete crossbow shooting rest guide and find out the best crossbow shoting rest for your needs.

Is it compatible with AR15?


Does it help decrease the recoil?

Not in an expressive way. If you want to zero rifles or test ammo, I recommend that you take a look at other types of shooting rest, such as the Lead Sled DFT.

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  • Take care when resting your hands near the tripod trigger, or you may end up changing your height unintentionally. But do not worry, this is a matter of habit.
  • In addition to the guns, it is good to note that it also works very well with crossbow’s.
  • This shooting stick should NOT be used as a walking stick.


Assembling is easier than finding the answer to “Would you like to have another gun?”

If you have any questions, check their official website.

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