P3 Ultimate Gun Vise and Shooting Rest Review

P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest

P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest












  • Optional Vise Attachment converts Shooting Rest into a Gun Vise in seconds
  • Three point leveling system and thumb locks provide sturdy shooting platform
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with durable E-coat finish inside and out

Specifications –p3shootingrest_01

  • Frame material: Steel
  • Finish: Durable E-coat finish inside and out
  • Length: 25 inches
  • Width: 18 inches
  • Weight: 7.75 pounds
  • Made in the USA

If you are in the shooting world, you know about how CTK makes reliable equipment designed to amplify the potential of our guns, with this item isn’t different. Their P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest is composed of a steel T with a cushioned Y on the barrel end and a regulable pad for the butt stock. Every single aspect of the rest is adjustable.
The Y arm can move up and down and has a ruler on one side for accurate mensuration and adjustment, which is very helpful. The buttstock pad slides back and forward moves up and down, and can be adjusted to combine with the angle of stock. At the ends of the T are three star shaped dials. These raise and lower functions are very useful for leveling out uneven tables or making fine adjustments. Each has a wide locking bolt that locks the gun rest into place. The limbs of the rest are long enough to secure with clamps on a bench or with bags of lead shot or sand.
The pad for the butt stock doesn’t cover the end of the stock, so you can still get down on the gun, get a cheek-weld with your shoulder on the stock, and maintain natural eye relief.
The P3 gun rests weight less than eight pounds, so it’s highly advised to use some weight along with the rest, especially if you going to shot magnum calibers. I recommend using lead shot along with your favorite type of shooting bag.

Besides being a shooting rest, which is our focus here on the site, it also serves as gun vice. In other words, you end up winning two types of utilities and pay just for one item. However, you need to add a special part, so that it becomes a gun vise. Of course, nothing prevents you from using it only as a rest. However, I strongly recommend you to buy this accessory if you already have the P3 or want to acquire it.

The vice has multiple uses at home, in the garage or the range. I use it as cleaning platform at home after a tough day at the range or at work. The vice has a useful cleaning rod holder, which is built into the right side of the vice and front rest. The front holder is the simple part of the vice but is a significant differential, as many gun cleaning center doesn’t have it. The contoured drum is used as a spacer on the front adjustment knob screw, on which you can lay your cleaning rod. The rear has a simple hook fixture to put the back part of your cleaning rod. This safe and simple design means never having to worry about your cleaning rod rolling off you working surface or getting accidentally bent if dropped on the floor. It also keeps the wet cleaning rod off the table top you are using. Always wipe the cleaning rod after every pass, but if you forget, now your wife has one less reason to kill you. Thank me later.


In the above picture, you can see that there is a kind of clip. This clip is the gun vise attachment, which I spoke earlier.

gun vise

Conclusion –

While I prefer a heavy lead sled like the Caldwell DFT(my opinion) that reduce the recoil by up to 95%, the CTK Precision offers the fantastic option to convert the shooting rest into a gun vice platform. The financial benefits of this are obvious to any shooter on a budget. This modularity means you can purchase the Gun Rest or the Gun Vice, and as finances allow, buy the parts to convert it down the road. My advice for those looking for a rifle rest is to buy the P3 Rifle Rest first and add the Vice attachment after. For the shop owner or gunsmith, get the vice first. I’ve used mine so much, and I can’t compare with my annoying old methods of securing the rifle to clean it. With a proper platform, your work will be done in less time and will be more efficient. So, for me, it’s worth it.


What is the Warranty on the product?
I checked the website and couldn’t find anything, but this piece of equipment is pretty solid.
I never had any problem with this shooting rest. Although, if you need more information about the product, here is the CTK contact info.
Must I purchase the attachment?
No. You only need to buy it if you want to use the Gun Vise function.
How does the P3 Shooting Rest convert to a Gun Vise?
1- Unscrew the main beam knob and remove the Shooting Rest Attachment from the chassis main beam.
2- Slide the Gun Vise Attachment on to the frame main beam and return the central beam knob.
3- Converting the P3 Shooting Rest into a Gun Vise takes less than 340 seconds.
If desired, the Gun Vise Attachment and Shooting Rest Attachment can be simultaneously mounted on the main beam.

Assembling –

The P3 Ultimate Gun Rest assembly process took no more than 5 minutes.
Note: you may need a socket wrench set to tighten a few bolts.
As overall, the CTK P3 is a simple piece of equipment, the T-shaped design gives shooters three solid points of rest. However, these points are all adjustable with the turn of a knob.
If you want P3 Ultimate Gun Vise Instructions, check their manual here.

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