Hyskore Shooting Rest Review – Dual Damper

Hyskore Dual Damper Machine Rest

Hyskore Dual Damper Machine Rest












  • Dual nitrogen filled compression dampers progressively absorb recoil
  • Hydraulic trigger release included
  • One hand elevation adjustment


  • Not very versatile for calibers above .338

Specifications –gas

  • Frame material: Steel
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 12 x 8 inches
  • Ambidextrous elevation and windage adjustments
  • Remote hydraulic trigger release
  • Remote hydraulic trigger release
  • Weight: Approximately 16 pounds



The Hyskore Shooting Rest Dual Damper is a precision sighting equipment that offers extreme repeatability. Most part of center fire rifle shots made in the U.S. are made from guns in the .30 caliber range, therefore, this rest is designed to gradually absorb the energy pulse from 5.56 / .223 up to and including .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Winchester Magnum cartridges. The rest features surgically precise and user friendly windage and elevation controls, which means another level of precision sighting and shooting confort.

The Hyskore Dual Damper is designed to be able to gradually absorb the recoil pulse on the above mentioned guns. The main goal of this rest is to provide extreme repeatability from shot to shot. In other words, this means that once a gun is properly mounted in the rest and the rest is correctly secured to a shooting table or platform that does not move, it will repeat shot after shot whatever the gun and ammo combination is capable of producing. If the shooting rest is correctly mounted, as previously mentioned, and you have a 1 M.O.A. gun / ammo combo, the Hyskore rifle rest will repeat at 1 M.O.A. If you have a 3 M.O.A. combo expect the rest to repeat at 3 M.O.A. The rest will not make a 3 M.O.A. gun generate results at 1 M.O.A.

In order to obtain this degree of repeatability precision, engineering and high quality material were required. There are two N20 compression dampers that gradually absorb the recoil pulse and return the gun to battery. The compression dampers are fixed to the lower frame in the gun carrier assembly. The lower frame incorporates two longitudinal chrome plated shafts and the gun carrier assembly has four precision linear bearings that ride along these shafts. The windage adjustment, which can be operated from either the left or right side, uses the same technology. There are two linear bearings that ride on two chrome plated shafts to ensure a precise and smooth adjustment. The elevation works with both hands via a capstan style knob which moves the forward gun support up or down, and this assembly can be locked in place with a T handled bolt. In addition, in order to take away any possibility of shooter induced motion contamination, the set is equipped with a remote hydraulic trigger release. Although, the rest is primarily constructed for a hands free calibration of gun, sight, and ammunition, the “back” vise assembly can be removed exposing a platform for a rest bag for use at the range. The rest is built to remove the variables for sighting calibration. If, at the end of the day, with the gun out of the rest, the results are not the same as the results with the gun in the rest the focus needs to move to operator error.


Conclusion –

Without doubts, one of my favorites features is the hability to accommodates left and right handed shooters. Portable enough to take to a shooting club or field, which is a MUST while talking about rifle rests.
Sturdy base and platform that contains adjustability to accommodate different rifle lengths and even accommodates the standard 30 round magazines used in AR style rifles.No extra weight needed.


How does it compare to other rifle rests?

The nitrogens recoil absorption system offers more base stability with more recoil energy assimilation and repeatability than most other gun rests.

Is it a good value for the Hyskore Shooting Rest?

Yes. I think the sturdiness and performance make it a very reasonable value.

It’s necessary to use shooting bag or any other type of weight? 


Can i use for hunting?

I don’t think so, but it is ideal if you want to verify the accuracy of your ammunition, pattern your shotgun, or to sight in your scope.
Does it have accessories?

Sure.It has a hydraulic trigger release that clamps on the trigger guard and helps cut out operator induced movements that affect accuracy.

Assembling –

Check instructions here.

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