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The Caldwell DeadShot TreePod is an essential tool for any hunter. It allows you to have the accuracy of a bench rest even while standing on top of a tree. Never trust a piece of log or any other improvisation that just supports your barrel. This can cause severe damage to your gun or even to you.

The BEST treepod shooting rest on the market.

With the technology employed in Caldwell TreePod, you can be sure that it will increase your range of fire. That is, you can shoot farther and more accurately. This is because the TreePod supports the full weight of your rifle or crossbow, leaving no room for failure. The Caldwell DeadShot TreePod holds your gun securely in the ready position while freeing up hands for binoculars, rangefinder or even a sandwich.The Innovative multi-swing arm system provides smooth and stable movement from extreme angles left to right with minimal body movement. Combined with a tension adjustable up / down tilt function the rest allows for precise alignment across the entire range of possible shooting angles. The upper portion of the rest adjusts in length and balance point to accommodate any gun or crossbow. Rubber over molded front and rear forks with a retention strap ensure your weapon is held securely at all times. The universal mounting base consists of two steel plates and a height adjustable center support shaft that securely attach to most any tree stand platform.

Modifying the Caldwell DeadShot Treepod for wheelchair users

Modified Caldwell DeadShot Treepod for wheelchair users.

Don Christenson of A Far Cry said “This is one of the neatest adaptations that has come across my desk in a long time. The rifle rest is a Deadshot Treepod which is very well made. Rich over at Handihelp had a bracket made for his outdoor wheelchair to hold the rest in place. We are going to do something similar to use here next year.”


Caldwell also came out with the DeadShot Chairpod, which probably makes more sense for a person in a manual wheelchair, if it can be connected easily or for a person who can do a manual transfer. The Treepod will still be advantageous for hunters who have a disability and are confined to a power wheelchair.


Shooting from a Tree Stand

The text below is a fragment of an excellent article from fieldandstream:

“There are ten rules to any stand hunting. Eight of them are don’t move, and I forget what the other two are. Bowhunters are very conscious of this. But the rifle hunters I’ve seen are not because they think that if you’re 100 or 200 yards away from a critter, it will not see or hear you.
Any deer with any smarts in an area with any hunting pressure is going to learn very quickly that death comes from above and will act accordingly. If you’re using a tree stand or blind that has been in place for some time, you can bet your immortal soul that the deer are going to check it out carefully before they show themselves.
So what you have to resign yourself to is that you will hold dead still for three hours or for however long you choose to remain on the stand. If you must move, do so with agonizing slowness. If you have to scratch your nose, it should take you five minutes to bring your hand up to your face.

PLEASE: Always use one Hunter Safety System when hunting from trees.

The Tao of Motionless Shooting

Let’s say that you have suckered a deer out into the open. Your heart is beating 180 times per minute, your blood pressure is 215 over 135, and you have to figure out how to aim at the beast and pull the trigger without making even the slightest noise or moving enough to spook him. Well, pardner, this isn’t the time to do it because you’re going to be incapable of systematic thought.
The time to figure all this stuff out is in the dark before you have shooting light. You should have asked beforehand (or found out by other means) where the deer usually approach from. Then, when you’re in the stand, identify that spot, or at least the general direction of the place where they will appear. Then figure out what to do with your body when it becomes a quivering mess.
You will have to face in that direction and bring your rifle up into shooting position, or as close to it as you can get. Place your feet where they should be, because if you have to shift them when the time comes, they can make noise. Rack a cartridge into the chamber and put on the safety. Now, freeze until further notice.
If you have to cover multiple spots or a wide field, put yourself in a position where you can still swing your rifle in an arc without moving yourself. Support for the rifle is crucial. I find it extremely difficult to shoot from a stand or a blind that has no rest for the rifle’s fore-end, and you should avoid such blinds if you can. On the other hand, a blind with a rest makes it difficult to miss; it’s like shooting off a bench. Just make sure you have some padding under your hand to avoid getting scraped when the rifle recoils.”

You also need to understand the trajectory of your shot while hunting from a tree. My recommendation about this is: read this excellent article from petersenshunting.


I would not hesitate to say that this is the best treepod shooting rest on the market today. If you usually hunt from a tree or hanging hut, sooner or later you will need it. It’s wonderful to have your hands free during the hunt. This allows you to use other equipment while keeping an eye on the prey. The mobility is fantastic, covering 180º horizontally, which reflects in an incredible range of fire.
If you have some physical disability and are wheelchair users, do not think that you will stop with the shooting and hunting. With this equipment, you can make different adaptations in your wheelchairs. I recommend you to check out the item I posted above.

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