Caldwell Rock BR Front Rest Review

Rock BR Competition Front Shooting Rest

Rock BR Competition Front Shooting Rest












  • Windage-adjustable cradle allows shooters to make smooth and precise corrections with fingertips
  • Features ball bearing elevation adjustment
  • Includes two styles of front bags and accepts any Caldwell® front bag


  • Rear Bag is needed for better recoil reduction

Below you can read the Rock BR Competition Rest Review

If you are a competitive shooter / hobbyist shooter and seek to achieve greater firing mobility than your current one, you might want to consider the Rock BR Competition from Caldwell. Constructed with high quality material, but still within a very affordable price, it is without a doubt the best front rest option for those looking for a professional option to improve their overall performance.

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Specifications rock-br

  • Base Material: Cast Iron
  • Material on Adjustment Components : Stainless Steel
  • Shooting Bags Included: Yes(2)
  • Footprint: 14″
  • Elevation Adjustment Max: 6″
  • Elevation Adjustment Min: 10-1/4″
  • Weight: Approximately 13 pounds
  • Other Features: Integrated Level


Caldwell Rock Front Shooting Rest Features and Build

The Rock BR front rest is constructed specifically for benchrest competitors. It merges a really soft windage adjustment cradle with a extremely responsible elevation adjustment wheel . This front rest its a very nice option for benchrest shooters or F-Class competitors, with a reasonable price.

Having said all of the above, I found it perfect for my everyday shooting training at the range or while sighting in a new gun or zeroing my scope. I have bought several front rests over the years, some costing more than $800 and without any doubt, if you are a semi-pro or professional shooter looking for a good front rest, but doesn’t have a lot of money to spend in Ransom or Sinclair rests, you may take a look at the Caldwell Rock BR, a solid, well-built rest, with an adequate and precise adjustment range. However, if you are looking for a front rest to get the maximum performance in the championships, I recommend you take a look at the products of the brands mentioned above.

You may be worrying about how this little piece of equipment will reduce the recoil of your magnum rifle, isn’t?
Well, this rest is designed for situations where the shooter need to move fast but with stability. The recoil reduction occurs, but way less than others Caldwell lead sled models. This why this category is called “front rest”. So, don’t expect big results in terms of recoil reduction. However, if it is coupled with Caldwell Rear Bags or any other good bag, it greatly reduces the amount of energy produced by your gun.

Caldwell Rock BR Performance

While using it in my training sections, I found that the Caldwell bag works better with sporter style rifles. One of my AR’s has a float tube on it, that actually fits very well in the Rock BR bag. But if you have a rifle that is a little wider, you may need another bag. This rest does come with a three lobe bag, but they are not very good, so I recommend you to change these bags anyway.
To solve this situation, I bought a Protektor bag and it’s all fine now. You can spend a lot of money on bags, but these Protektor or Edgewood bags are so cheap and high quality, that I can’t see any point in wasting a lot of money buying “top notch” bags.


 The Caldwell Rock BR Front rest is great for the money. It is a fraction of the cost of a Sinclair, Fraley, Ransom, or others with the same windage feature. I defy you to find another one with high quality and a “cheap” price in the market. The BR is rock steady with zero movement or play in the cradle. Adjustments are smooth and precise. This rest has an improved windage top. The windage adjustment used to just pivot. Now, it moves from side to side with plenty of windage adjustment and it can be swapped over for left hand shooting. The only thing I would upgrade is the bags. Protektor bag models 1, 2 and 3 will work great and aren’t expensive. If you’re looking for the best shooting bench rest that doesn’t break the bank, this is it!
As plus, I recommend the Edgewood rear bags for more stability. But this isn’t a requirement.



What is the maximum bench-to-cradle base height?

The maximum height is 9 inches without the the bag.

What are the foot dimensions?

Exactly 15.5×15.5×9.

What are the differences between this model and the basic Caldwell BR?

Basicaly, the differences are the weight(13 pounds x 5.5 pounds). The BR comes with 2 different style front bags. The front rest on the BR also has a horizontal adjustment screw for fine left/right adjustments.

Can I use Edgewood bags?


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It’s very easy and strait forward, it will require only a few minutes.
If you want full instructions about the caldwell rock BR front rest check their manual here.

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