Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod Review

Since firearms were invented, people are looking for a way to stabilize their shots, and you know there are dozens of ways to get good stability. However, few offer one important feature: portability. If you hunt, it’s no use having the best shooting rest in the world if it’s going to weigh you down and get bored in the middle of the journey. Otherwise, all the hunters would walk around with a Lead Sled. Trying to solve this problem, Caldwell developed the lightweight and portable shooting rest that is easy-to-use, with bench rest accuracy: the DeadShot FieldPod.

Caldwell is known in the shooting world for producing high-quality shooting rests, such as Lead Sled and Zero-Max. The Deadshot FieldPod is Caldwell’s answer to joining portability and stability, bringing the same level of stability of heavier shooting rests into the field, whether with a shotgun, a rifle, or even a crossbow.

Magnum DeadShot FieldPod

A good shooting rest should offer total stability to your weapon, whether it is a firearm or not. Otherwise, its accuracy will certainly be affected.

Caldwell FieldPod Design

The DeadShot FieldPod uses an innovative dual-tube frame and central hub design to increase rigidity and stability. Its split-tube design allows the sniper to accommodate most shotguns and rifles with a detachable magazine like the AR platform. Its telescopic frame tubes and adjustable support arms are made from lightweight aluminum alloy tubing providing the tripod with exceptional strength while keeping it all under 5 pounds. The pivot point and platform length are fully adjustable, which ensures a perfect balance and fit for your firearm or crossbow.



The Smooth 360 degree rotation is probably the most attractive point of the Deadshot FieldPod. It enables the operator to acquire the target without having to make any effort. You can adjust the tension of the tilt/rotation or lock the platform with two simple adjustments. Look in the FAQ to understand more about additional adjustment options.

Having a quick target acquisition is imperative to have a successful hunt.

All Caldwell DeadShot knobs, slide locks, and plastic brackets are made of synthetic nylon polymer, a very durable material that provides excellent rigidity and strength without compromising the weight of the equipment. The two firearm supports have a U-shape, which enables the fitting of most conventional firearms. Its material is synthetic nylon rubber, which guarantees a solid, slip-resistant platform for your crossbow or firearm that will not mar the finish.
The DeadShot Fieldpod height adjustment ranges from 18″ to 60. Perfect for shooting while sitting on the ground or in a chair. Its feet are made with thermoplastic rubber, allowing an excellent traction in the most different types of soil.



The DeadShot Fieldpod can be disassembled in seconds, thanks to its design that allows a quick and intelligent disassembly. After disassembled, you can carry it as a backpack with the provided black nylon carrying strap or simply carried in hand.

Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod collapsed

The DeadShot FieldPod after being disassembled. Very compact.


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How do I adjust the hub tension on my DeadShot FieldPod?

If you prefer to have less rotation tension when the Rotation Lock Knob is backed off you can remove the center tripod tube that comes down between the legs by simply un-threading it. Then a 10mm socket can be used to loosen the locknut exposed in the bottom of the hub. If the locknut is backed off too much, it will create excess play or wobble in the hub system. Slight adjustments to the locknut will make a significant change to the rotation function, try adjustments of less than 90 degrees at a time while tuning.

To eliminate any wobble or play in the hub system, repeat steps above and tighten the locknut just enough to remove the play. Be sure the Rotation Lock Knob is backed off during this adjustment process. Replace the center tube once tuning is complete.

How do I make my DSFP more stable when shooting while sitting on the ground?

The leg brace mechanism comes from the factory preset to a position that allows the Field Pod’s height range to be adjusted to comfortable heights for use while sitting in a chair or stool as well as on the ground. If you intend to use your rest only while sitting on the ground, the leg brace can be repositioned to allow the legs to take a wider stance. Simply loosen the three Phillips head screws (one where each section of the leg brace attaches to a leg) and move the brace up approximately two to three inches. Retighten the three screws. Your Field Pod will now have a wider footprint and increased stability but will not extend as high as before.

Will the DSFP adjust to fit my firearm or crossbow?

The DeadShot FieldPod is ideal for shooting rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders and crossbows. With a fully adjustable dual frame upper supported by a solid tripod base, the DeadShot FieldPod is capable of supporting nearly any firearm or crossbow. Length and elevation adjustments ensure fit and balance, while the precision cast aluminum hub system allows the rest to pivot up and down, and rotate left and right.

Will the DSFP work with AR style rifles?

Yes. The front and rear forks can be raised to offer enough clearance for most magazines. Also, the rail system can be adjusted to position the magazine so it can fit between the rails.

Can I use the DSFP while sitting down?

Yes. With a height adjustment range from 20 in. to 42 in., the Deadshot FieldPod works great for hunters sitting on the ground or in a chair.

How heavy is the DSFP?

The DSFP is surprisingly light. Constructed of high-quality, lightweight aluminum, the DeadShot FieldPod weighs just 4 lbs 15 oz.

Is the DSFP easy to transport?

Yes. The DSFP collapses into a compact unit. It comes with a sling that makes carrying it the field very easy.

Will the DSFP work with crossbows?

Yes. The DSFP works great with crossbows.

Is there a way to use it in a treestand?

Yes, but this is not the purpose of the DSFP. For treestand shooting I highly recommend the Caldwell DeadShot Treepod.

Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod Models

Each type of hunt requires a different shooting rest. With that in mind, I decided to put this small comparison table so that you can find the DeadShot FieldPod best price and get a better sense of which DSFP model best meets your needs.

Final Thoughts

The Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod does deliver what it promises: stability and portability in the field. Whether you are an amateur, professional hunter or just a weekend shooter, this shooting rest will be a great buy.

It’s reasonable value makes this one of the best cost benefits in the FieldPods market. Its construction ensures that you will have a quality equipment for an extended period.

One point to note is that you should always check if you have a length of the weapons platform you note where the center of gravity is for the DSFP with your gun on the rest. If you have weapons that are heavier in the front, it is interesting that you move the platform a little behind. It’s just a tip for you to make the most of the stability that this rest offers.

Assembly is very simple. However, if you have any difficulty you just have to access the instruction manual here.



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