Best Shooting Sticks For Hunting

Great snipers usually say you can hit anything you want, as long as your rifle is secure and firm. You can use various natural resources to complete this task, from a stone, fence, or branch, to a backpack or carcass of an animal. However, there is one important detail: these elements will not always be present when you need them. It was then that they began to realize the need to have a shooting rest always with the shooter. But for this, it does need three fundamental characteristics. Are they:

  • Be light
  • Be compact
  • Be silent

If any of these features are not present in this shooting rest, your hunting trip will certainly be compromised, either by weight or by surrendering your position. With that in mind, the companies soon had the idea of ​​using the old crossed sticks, much used by our ancestors during the buffalo hunts. But they were noisy, heavy, and indiscreet. But now we have a significant differential in our favor, the technology, which allows companies to be specialized only in shooting sticks, which ends up making these tools highly specialized and efficient.

Buffalo hunter using crossed shooting sticks.

Shooting sticks have become very popular around the world, and this is due to the previously mentioned factors, which make the accuracy in the field increase a lot. You can say that you end up having a bench rest precision during your hunts. The value of shooting sticks is uncontested. However, many hunters do not take as much advantage of them, as they are considered cumbersome, noisy, or complicated to use. But when you understand the basics and find the best shooting stick possible, it’s safe to say that you will not ever go hunting without one.

Like all firearms-related accessories, shooting sticks come in various forms. Are they:



There is no better substitute item for a hunter who walks a lot than a monopod. On steep terrain, it is as if you are with an extra leg and when it comes time to shoot, just place your hand at the correct height, fit the rifle on the cradle and shoot.
You should always be with your shooting staff. It gives you balance in rough terrain and serves to prick higher grasses to make sure you are not in the unwanted company of a rattlesnake or that you are going to step into some hole and end the day with a fracture.
The secret to using a monopod shooting stick is always to be training with it so that you condition your neuromuscular memory always to be able to perform quick shots when you have the rifle positioned on the monopod.

It is important to always check with the manufacturer if the model can be used as a walking stick.

Bipod and Tripod


They look a lot like camera pods, and can even be used for this purpose (depending on the brand). This is the best option if you are looking for stability. But on the other hand, they are also heavier and slightly larger than monopods. In my opinion, it is a complete option, and worth the extra weight you will get. That, in reality, is not much.

What to Look for in Shooting Sticks for Hunting


Adjustable Height: This part is crucial, as it is the one that will define the limit of use for your shooting stick. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep in mind the ideal time for your type of hunt before doing this devising.
Durability: This part is obvious. No one wants to purchase a product that only works during the first few days. Make sure that the material used in the construction of your stick is of high quality. This is a point that was taken into account when creating the ranking of the best shooting sticks for hunting since the outdoor conditions are very aggressive to the equipment.
Ease of Use: It’s no use having quality equipment that is complicated to use. When it comes to hunting, any second is decisive. Therefore, opt for equipment that is easy to adjust, for example, the Primos shooting sticks, which have a trigger mechanism, providing quick adjustment of height.

Top 5 Best Shooting Sticks For Hunting


Primos Gen 2 Jim Shockey Edition Deluxe Tri Pod Trigger Stick, 24-62-Inch

The Primos ​​Gen 2 Jim Shockey is in my humble opinion the best shooting stick for hunting. The leg and handle adjustments are made in a smooth and easy way, and when the tripod is in position, it will remain firm and secure without making any noise. The best part of this tripod and the reason for being the number 1 of our shooting stick reviews is the ability to make adjustments without any disturbing noise, which can be done with the simple pull of a finger. The legs are very light and sturdy. By no means, they will break, tilt, or fall and put your rifle at risk. Because the trigger is very sensitive, it is advisable for the user to be careful when resting his fingers on the trigger area. The shooting stick has a fine height adjustment and can be used in a variety of ways.
Although Jim Shockey is a bit heavier than a bipod, after tying it in your backpack, you will not notice any weight difference at all. It folds to approximately 41 inches and weighs three pounds. This “extra” weight can be justified by the excellent ability to withstand rain or heavier winds. It greatly increases accuracy in shots over 100 yards. Because of its removable V-yoke system and adjustable legs, aiming up is very simple and when the legs are flat, it gets very comfortable to shoot from a sitting position.

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BOG-POD RLD-3 Shooting Stick Tripod

The BOG-POD RLD-3 is what is called a hybrid shooting stick since it is originally a tripod, but its third leg is removable, which obviously turns it into a bipod. Regardless of your choice, you will be supported by a large shooting stick. The height can be adjusted from 22 inches to incredible 88 inches, in case you hunt giants. Even with this great height adjustment capability, its total weight is less than three pounds.
The RLD-3 is built with very high-quality aluminum, which provides excellent durability for the equipment. An anodized layer covers the entire surface of the stick, making it very resistant to rust, which is a great feature if you usually hunt in humid environments or under the rain. Also, it also has removable rubber feet with carbide-tipped points that help a lot on slippery surfaces. The v-rest swivels to 360º and comes with scratch resistant rubber covering. Transportation can be done with the velcro strap that holds the legs together, and with the weather-resistant travel bag, which comes with a shoulder strap.

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Hammers Telescopic Shooting Tripod w/ Pivot V Yoke

Built with aluminum alloy tubing, this tripod has a superb height adjustment capability, ranging from 25 inches to 68 inches, while weighing only 38 oz. The folded length is approximately 32 inches, which makes it one of the most compact tripods in its class. His big secret is the V-yoke, which pivots freely and provides a steady platform, allowing a great increase in accuracy when shooting from an off-hand position. Like the other shooting sticks also rotates to full 360º.
The tips of the Hammers Telescopic Shooting Tripod are outfitted with carbide tips, which allows excellent placement on rock surfaces. For transport, users can use the combination of the Velcro strap to tie the legs and the nylon carrying pouch that accompanies the equipment.

The legs are safe and easy to adjust, and by having a maximum height of 68 inches, even great hunters will have no problems with that tripod. The suction mechanism present while extending the legs brings remarkable stability to the tripod. The legs do not have foam pads, but I sincerely believe that they are not necessary, since the stability of this equipment is something very reliable, which makes it a top rated shooting stick.

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Vanguard Quest T62U 3-n-1 Shooting Stick 

Usually, I do not like equipment that promises multiple products in just one. But I confess, I must make an exception for this shooting stick. The Vanguard Quest T62U serves as monopod, bipod, and tripod. Originally it comes with three legs, but just like the BOG-POD RLD-3, its leg is removable. However, if you prefer a monopod, just unscrew the mount and mount it on the removable leg. That simple.
The height adjustment ability is magnificent, ranging from 24 inches to 62 inches. The legs can be folded to less than 2.5 feet, and the total weight is only 2.2 pounds. However, its construction is of high quality, being made of heavy gauge aluminum alloy, which gives it excellent durability. Its removable U-yoke with rubber fins swivels 360º, which makes it possible to shoot from several angles without repositioning the shooting stick. To use it with cameras and scopes, just remove the U-yoke.

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Primos Gen 2 Tall Monopod Trigger Stick

The Primos Gen 2 Monopod Trigger Stick is probably the best monopod on the market because unlike other monopods, it is equipped with a broad range of features. Like the other Primos models, this shooting stick features a 360º rotating and detachable V-yoke. It can be extended from 33 inches to a maximum of 56 inches.
Like all Primos 2 generation models, its biggest secret is the trigger stick, which allows you to adjust the height with the simple pull of a finger. Built with durable and lightweight 7075 aluminum legs, its total weight does not exceed 25 oz. Despite being a sturdy monopod, it is not recommended that it be used as a walking stick.

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  Always confirm with the seller if you can use the shooting stick as a walking stick. Not all equipment has this capability. Incorrect use can result in accidents, as the stick will collapse and you will fall. 


5 Tips To Use Shooting Stick Properly

  1. Do not rush to use the shooting stick. Take the time you need to find a good ground, and after that, go ahead and adjust your rifle properly. Patience, young man!
  2. Proper shooting position is a must. It’s no use having the best shooting stick if you shoot all messed up. You can choose to shoot when sitting, kneeling, or standing- it all depends on you.
  3. Make proper adjustments. You have in hand a technology that your great-grandparents would cry to have on hand at the time of the old hunts. Be smart!
  4. Never forget to choose the right height. A lot of people think it’s just positioning the rifle on the shooting stick and that’s it. Unfortunately, it is not. Evaluate the terrain and choose the correct height. Here’s the secret!
  5. Read before buying. Maybe this is a late tip. But anyway.
    Check out our shooting stick reviews and choose the one that best suits YOUR NEEDS.

If you want to read more tips on how to use a shooting stick, check out this Outdoorlife article.

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