Top 4 Best Laser Bore sighter For 2018

Before buying a boresight laser, it is necessary to understand the features that are most important when deciding which bore sighter to buy. Despite being a known method, there are not many lasers bore sighter reviews out there. So, we’ve created a little guide that includes some necessary information, like how to use a laser bore sighter, boresighting origins and a Top 4 Best Laser Bore Sighter For 2018.

Check below a comparative table on the best bore sighter and its characteristics:

Choose Your Laser

Laser Beam Color

Battery Life


Accepted calibers




2 h

2 Nonstandard Battery batteries

From .22 to .50 cal. + 20 & 12 ga



40 h

1 Lithium Metal batteries

From .22 to .50 cal. + 20 & 12 ga

Wheeler Pro


10 h

1 Lithium Metal batteries

Any caliber rifle or handgun



15 h

1 Lithium Metal batteries

From .22 to .50 cal. + 20 & 12 ga



Boresighting should be your first action after mounting your scope, as that is how we align the optical sight on the top of the barrel with the axis of the bore. This will not only give you a starting point for sighting in your gun, but it will save your precious time, money (ammo cost), and give rest to your shoulders.
Note that bore sighting will NOT sight in your gun. They are vital and I recommend that you have one. However, do not be fooled by false marketing.

Boresighting Origins

Boresighting can be done in a variety of ways. The oldest one is probably removing the bolt on the bolt action rifle and looking through the bore. Hold the gun steady with a shooting rest, gun vise, or with your hand and position it so that it is pointing at the bullseye of a target about fifty yards away. Once done, look through the scope, and without moving the gun, carefully adjust the elevation and windage turrets until the reticle is centered on the bullseye. Simple. However, keep in mind that semi-autos, lever guns, pump, and most handguns do not work with this method.


Points to Remember about Bore sighters

  • No bore sighter will sight in a gun. This must be done by shooting the gun with a particular type of ammo at a certain distance. Every different kind of ammo will have a different point of impact.
  • If you want to have a healthy hand to shake your grandson’s hands, please, confirm if you removed your boresight arbor before shooting. Simple enough, but I’ve seen some excellent barrels blown apart like a peeled banana by people who should’ve known better.
  • Boresighting alarms you promptly to issues with mounting and scope adjustments and is a big time saver. Will also impact on ammo expense, and of course, lowers the physical stress caused by the recoil energy.
  • Do not buy bore sighters that go into the chamber like cartridges. Each rifle has a different chamber in dimensions, and these bore sighters are built to be used in the smaller ones. So in most chambers, there is enough play that makes the beam not collinear with the bore. Be careful.

Boresighting Methods

The best-known methods for boresighting are using Collimators and Arbors, Magnetic Boresighters, and Laser Boresighters. In this guide, I will explain how to use the third method since it is more accessible, comfortable, and compact. Some of these projects are a laser beam from a simple spud or arbor inserted into your muzzle, and some designs have the dimensions of a particular cartridge case that you insert into your gun’s chamber and close the action (do not make the idiocy of buying one of these). Laser bore sighters require a reflective target (don’t worry, it’s cheap), which should be placed a few feet away to reflect the laser beam, and a good shooting rest or gun vice so you can better center the crosshairs at the laser’s dot.

How to laser bore sight your rifle/handgun

Generally, boresight laser manufacturers will inform you of the ideal method for you to perform the procedure. Some even offer software’s to aid you. However, the process below is an excellent alternative way to learn how to laser bore sight your rifle.

  1. Put your target 15-25 feet from the muzzle.
  2. Using the best shooting rest available in your shooting club or on your property, position the gun firmly and leave it fully aligned with the target.
  3. Install the proper o-ring and muzzle adapter. Place the bore sighter on the muzzle, as instructed by the manufacturer.
    Remember to lubricate the o-ring with vaseline or silicone grease before inserting. Do not use gun oil. This will prevent the o-ring from tearing.
  4. Set the scope at low power and switch on the bore sighter.
    Adjust the position of the firearm to center the laser within the “Laser Target” located below the dotted line crosshair on the Target (See Fig. 1.)
  5. Make sure that the gun does not move and that the laser stays in the place indicated previously while you make the adjustments indicated by figures 1 & 2.
  6. Now is the time you go to the ranch and sight-in your firearm. Perform the first shots with a maximum distance of 50 yards.

Properly laser boresighting.


Top 4 Boresight Laser For 2018

Many people say that all Laser Boresighter’s are the same thing and that they only change the price. Unfortunately, this is just a lie. It would be great if we paid a little money and got good quality, but everyone knows things do not work that way. Below you will find the top 3 most accurate bore sighter that is in the market for an affordable price.


Site Lite SL 100

site-lite-mag-laser-100The Site Lite 100 is ideal for what we call the “average shooter”. Using only two simple button cell batteries (which are included), the laser will last a total of 60 minutes of continuous use. The SL 100 uses advanced technology that allows achieving exceptional boresighting accuracy. Super-strong magnets in the arbor securely center the laser within the muzzle offering consistent accuracy. Its unique system of adapters and O-rings enable it to be used in various calibers, ranging from 22 to 50 in rifles and handguns, 20 and 12 Ga. shotguns and muzzleloaders. To boresight, level the scope with the included Scope Reticle Leveler and Leveling Target. Then put the data that pertains to your firearm and ammo into the included software so that the program will generate a target specially made for you and your gun. After that, place the laser at the indicated location on the target, align your scope with the target crosshairs, and you’re done.

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Site Lite SL 150


The Site Lite 150 is the upgraded SL 100 model. Its new battery system allows its lifetime to jump from 60 minutes to 40 hours of continuous use. Unlike the previous model which is recommended for indoor use only, the SL 150 has an ultra-bright laser for better visibility in bright, ambient light conditions, which makes it better for more accurate situations.

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Site Lite SL 500


If you’ve ever dealt with a laser, you know that green is stronger than red. Thinking about it, Site Lite decided to create a green laser version, the SL 500.
If you were finding the SL 150 powerful, the Site Lite SL 500 is 50-100x brighter than previous models. In addition, it uses DL 123 Lithium Battery (included) that bring 10 hours of battery life in continuous use. Certainly the best option for those looking for a more professional alternative.

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Wheeler Laser Bore Sighter


The Wheeler Laser Bore Sighter uses a powerful green laser visible daylight and a powerful magnet that attaches firmly to the barrel, providing safety and accurate boresighting. The system promises to run in any caliber, from handguns to .50 rifles. Unlike Site Lite, Wheeler does not offer custom targeting software. However, it accompanies an 8 “x 10” reflective target that significantly helps the observation and execution of the process. Uses one CR123A lithium battery, which offers dozens of continuous hours of use. Also, it comes with a very well made black plastic protective case. It is undoubtedly the best green laser bore sighter option in this price range.

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Having a laser to make the bore sighting process is, without a doubt, an excellent choice. In addition to doing almost the entire process for you, it greatly facilitates sight-in guns. Of the 4 laser bore sighters presented above, all are of excellent quality. Soon, any item you choose will do the job, as long as you choose according to the place you intend to use the laser bore sighter.

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  3. Performance – The SiteLite Mag Laser Bore Sighter is definitely the best option for anyone who can put out the money for it. There’s a lot of versatility in this boresighter as far as the types of calibers it can cover.

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