Top 3 Best Crossbow Shooting Rest For 2018

The general agreement is that a crossbow is much simpler to shoot than a vertical bow. My feeling is the “general agreement” is just relevant if the crossbow is being utilized with some kind of shooting rest.
You might hold the crossbow like a rifle in the offhand position, however, it doesn’t make the device any steadier than a vertical bow. You still require all the same fundamentals you execute with a vertical bow. The greatest factor is the follow-through.
As you crush the trigger on a crossbow, you should keep the sight on the target until you see the bolt hit. The bolt time of a crossbow is in no way like that of a rifle. A crossbow shoots approximately 280-340 fps. An average deer-huntig rifle shoots around 2,700 fps. You can see the distinction here — it is huge.

This is where the follow through becomes crucial. You must stay in position until the arrow hits the target. It is the same as when you throw a basketball, if you move ahead of time, you will miss the target.

When a crossbow is fired offhand, just like with a vertical bow, by physics you will have a movement in your hold. The amount of movement differs from shooter to shooter. I’ve seen some archers who can hold and execute the shot with a vertical bow way better than they can with a crossbow in some situations. In any case, you must practice, practice, and practice offhand shooting. Work on your follow-through. Develop your shooting techniques; breathing, squeezing the trigger, and again, the follow-through.

Rest Options

A major disadvantage of bows is not being able to use shooting rests. In the same way that many rifle hunters do, you can attach monopods and bipods. When a crossbow is used with a rest, it becomes a super accurate, precision hunting weapon. It is also possible to use shooting sticks with the crossbow.
Just make sure the sticks are positioned correctly. That is, do not put it in front of the string.

The ability to use a rest to stabilize your shot is the greatest benefit of a crossbow. There are a variety of crossbow rest options available, from fieldpods, such as the one shown here, to shooting sticks and tree stand shooting rest.

Regardless of the type of shooting rest, be it a shooting stick, a bipod, fieldpod, or the rail of a tree stand, it is your duty to check that the limbs do not come into contact with any part of your rest, because if this happens, the bolt will suffer interference and could end up causing an accident or even death.

What makes an ideal rest for crossbows?

This answer depends on the hunter and whether you care to have a rest affixed to the crossbow or to carry it on your expeditions, which can bring some disadvantages, such as carrying extra weight and noise.
The terrain type is also a determining factor when choosing the best shooting rest for crossbow. I personally prefer shooting sticks because they are quick, quiet and easy to use. If the terrain allows me to sit, I use the sticks sitting. If I can not sit, I use the sticks while I’m standing. They are extremely flexible.

When to Use a Shooting Rest

When should I use a rest? Whenever I can! As a general rule, if the shot is within a distance of less than 40 yards and the conditions are good, I would not opt for a shooting rest. However, this is an extremely rare scenario while hunting. So, if it is a little windy, the terrain is bad or the shooting position is bad, I will definitely use a rest.
If weather conditions or terrain force me to perform an offhand shot, this will undoubtedly limit the efficiency of my crossbow. With a rest, I can increase my accuracy line by at least another 20 yards. I would not hesitate to shoot a distance of up to 60 yards (if conditions are good) with a good shooting rest – but of course it all depends on your experience and weapon.

Best Crossbow Shooting Rest Types

Before deciding which crossbow shooting rest to buy, read the short text below to understand what types of crossbow rests exist and for which situations they are indicated.


They are the turbo shooting pods. In my opinion, it is the best option for anyone hunting with a crossbow as they serve perfectly as shooting rest and are great for sight-in your crossbow. They are constructed with resistant materials and have several options to realize the most diverse types of shots. Its customization allows virtually any type of rifle or crossbow to be used. Also, because they have a tripod platform, fieldpods become stable on all types of soil.

Shooting Stick

Produced in different formats and sizes, shooting sticks are one of the most reliable and used tools when it comes to shooting rest. With the new technologies, this reliability has greatly increased, as the fragile wooden rods have been replaced by highly resistant materials, which give a greater durability to the acquired product. If you are looking for an option that offers stability and is lightweight, this is your best shot.

Tree Stand Shooting Rest

When we use trees to hunt, we need specific shooting rests. This is mainly due to two factors: reduced space and comfort. Those who have hunted this way know that most of the time the hunter spends hours on top of a tree, and obviously, always alert and in a firing position. With a tree pod rest comfort increases a lot,  and this will obviously have a very positive impact on the shot. So, if you are a hunter, I suggest you check this option.

Top 3 Best Crossbow Rest For Hunting


Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod

The Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod is a tripod device type of platform designed to hold your crossbow / rifle securely and safely, providing great stability in the field. Its head has the ability to rotate 360º and can tilt up and down, which makes it very flexible and safe, allowing the shot to be made in any position.
Another feature of the DeadShot FieldPod is its compact body, which can be folded and placed on the back like a backpack. This allows you to walk long distances with an excellent quality shooting rest without even noticing that there is something on your back, since it weighs only 6 pounds.
Whether you’re sitting or lying on the ground, this tool can be easily adjusted from 20 “to 42”, which makes it very efficient at hunting, since its fast adjustment mechanism minimizes the movement required to acquire the target.

Check out the comparison chart below, click on the desired product and check out the 850 Caldwell deadshot fieldpod reviews available on

Primos Shooting Sticks

The Primos Shooting Stick line is all you need when talking about crossbow shooting rest. With just one hand you can pull the trigger and adjust the Trigger Stick to the desired height. The Primos Gen 2 is a lightweight height-adjustable gun rest line perfect for hunting. Being silent is probably your best advantage. The legs are super-lightweight and sturdy, and they will not fail, tilt, or break under pressure from any crossbow or rifle.
Among the three types of variations available (monopod/bipod/tripod), I prefer the Primos Gen 2 tripod. Its construction guarantees a good precision in any kind of terrain on American soil. Its weight slightly higher than the other models is justified by the high resistance to rain and wind. Either way, you will not notice it when you put it on your back.

The models below are Gen 2 variants. Click on the product image and check out the 1200 total Primos shooting stick reviews on

Caldwell DeadShot TreePod

The Caldwell DeadShot TreePod provides genuine bench rest accuracy from any tree stand. Don’t trust on a shooting rail or branches that only supports part of your crossbow or rifle. Improve your effective shooting range by completely supporting the whole rifle or crossbow with this ultra-stable rest. The Caldwell DeadShot TreePod holds your firearm safely in the prepared position while freeing up your hands for binoculars or rangefinder. The innovative multi-bearing swing arm system provides smooth and stable movement from extreme angles left to right with minimal body movement. Joined with a strain movable up/down tilt work the rest adequately considers exact arrangement over the whole scope of conceivable shooting points. The upper segment of the rest changes long and adjust indicate suit any weapon or crossbow. Elastic over shaped front and back forks alongside a maintenance strap guarantee your gun is held safely in all circumstances. The all inclusive mounting base comprises of two steel plates and a tallness movable focus bolster shaft that safely join to most any tree stand stage.

PLEASE: Always use one Hunter Safety System when hunting from trees.

If you usually shoot from the trees, there is nothing more to be said, this is your shooting rest.



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