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Thank you for visiting the Lead Sled Guide site. This place was made with one objective: to become the ultimate resource, the best option for shooters interested in buying a shooting rest, figuring out how to utilize it, why to use it, and how to shoot with it.

As a shooter, I understand exactly how tiring it is when you have to scrounge the whole web for little and uncertain pieces of information, often going through dozens of different webstes to finally get a clear picture of what you need to to do. This is exactly what I want to help you with. I want to provide you with a comprehensive and reliable source of information that you will likely never haave to check another shooting rest website again.


So bookmark this site, and make a point to return to it at whatever point in uncertainty and at whatever point you have to learn something. The greater part of our articles, aides and surveys are composed by individuals with no less than 5 years of involvement in competitive shooting, hunting and law enforcement forces, so you’re ensured to get counsel from specialists rather than fledglings who generally have no clue what they are talking about, regardless of the way that they may sound experienced at first look.

We trust that you will appreciate experiencing this the best shooting rest guide the same amount of as we delighted in making it. Also, please – on the off chance that you found this place accommodating, compassionately help us out by telling your companions about us – you may be astounded what number of them may build up an enthusiasm for shooting. The least demanding path is to utilize any of the social sharing catches here – all that’s needed is a few moments and you’ll be doing us a gigantic support (and presumably your pals also).

Once more, thank you for ceasing by. We trust your chasing treks are productive, that you never experience difficulty hitting a bulls-eye, and that your shoulders be as healthy as possible.


Your Lead Sled Guide Team

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