Best Shooting Rest For The Money – Reviews & Ratings – 2018

Looking for the best shooting rest? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find honest and impartial gun rest reviews of only the best selling, and top rated rests available on the market today.

The interactive shooting rest charts below will quickly help you make an informative decision about which gun rest is the best for your needs. Whether you look for a shooting rest for sighting in, hunting or sports, this guide will help you find the best for you.

These rests come in a variety of shapes, sizes, recoil reduction mechanisms and most importantly, they have different applications. If you are not in a hurry, you can read our reviews below the following comparison chart.


Top 10 Best Shooting Rest For Hunting & Target Practice For 2018

Now, you have an up-to-date list of the best shooting rests on the market.

However, I know how difficult it is to choose such equipment. So I decided to separate and make individual reviews according to the category, price and function of each shooting rest, for example, best shooting rest for hunting, best shooting rest for sighting in, and so on…
Below you will find the information you need to know the best gun rest for your needs.

Best Shooting Rest By Type


Best Lead Sled Shooting Rest

a) Caldwell Lead Sled Solo:

Caldwell Solo with AR15 Rifle.Don’t let the low price fool you, the Solo, one of the most inexpensive Lead Sled is also one of the most compact gun rest you can buy. Don’t overlook his size. The design is just as stable and versatile as you would expect from the brand. Counting with one stable elevation system, you can adjust your gun fast and precisely use a single knob, making it the perfect shooting rest for shooters who like simpler things without many different buttons and useless functions. In other words: simplicity, robustness, and efficiency. All in a cheap shooting rest.

Built with heavy-duty steel, the sled construction ensures you of a stable shooting platform. The well-built weight tray holds a 25 pound(maximum) bag of lead shot or barbell weight— all from Caldwell Shooting Rests Company, one of the most renowned guns accessories manufacturers on the market, and all for a very economical price. If you’re looking for a great lead sled, but are not yet ready to commit big money, you just found it.

The ergonomic Caldwell Solo design accommodates all types of rifles, including models with a high-capacity magazine, like the AR-15 and his variations, as well as any lever-action gun. A durable rubberized coating on the front support. Welded steel alongside hard rubber boot secures the buttstock of the gun. Firearm retention strap on front support, which brings more overall safety for the gun(preventing gun damage) and the shooter. Performs exceptionally well and removes the human error of any task. Click Here For Our Thorough Review

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b) Caldwell Lead Sled Plus:  


Caldwell lead sled plus recoil reducing rifle rest.

They call the next era of shooting rest. Like the Caldwell Solo, the Lead Sled Plus is capable of reducing recoil in 95%, while safely holding your firearm on target. With one component upgrade: the precise “no wobble” elevation shaft, that reduces play in front elevation. The weight tray is enormous, holding up to 100 pounds and accommodating an assortment of weight sorts, including sand/lead shot bags or 25-lbs barbell weights. The Plus lead sled comes with Fingertip elevation adjustment and with a front bag(filled). Well built cushioned backrest. Rugged rubber feet. Height customizable rear foot. Perfect for any magnum rifles or slug guns. Extremely versatile and straightforward to assemble and utilize. Click Here For Our Thorough Review


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c) Caldwell Lead Sled DFT: 

The Caldwell Lead Sled DFT offers a significant upgrade to the original Lead Sled: the new Dual Frame Technology (DFT), which bring increased overall stability and permits 22 inches of FTB (front to back) conformity, making the possibility to suit any long firearm. It uses the same windage and rises alteration framework as the Caldwell Rock BR Competition Rifle Front Shooting Rest, resulting in exceptional adjustments. The cushioned front and back support shield your gun from the recoil energy, and rubber tipped feet offer no-slip support on any surface. Click Here For Our Thorough Review



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d) Caldwell Lead Sled FCX:

Caldwell lead sled fcx rifle shooting rest.The Caldwell Lead Sled Fire Control FCX blend the two most innovative gun rest mechanisms into the most advanced shooting rest platform in the market. By incorporating the revolutionary performance of the FCX technology along with the massive recoil reduction benefits of the Caldwell rifle rest system, comfort and accuracy come together in one rest.

The recoil lessening works by catching and moving the backlash energy proficiently from any shotgun or rifle(lever action or AR similar) through the structure framework to the weight bag(or barbell) and weight tray. Cutting off nearly 100% of felt recoil makes shooting more entertaining as well as support precision by preventing flinching and promoting soft trigger pulls. This procedure is significantly more efficient while utilizing lead shot as weight. Although it’s not necessary and you can use any weight type.

The Caldwell Fire Control innovation is a brilliant rest arrangement framework that is activated by a “joystick” style control arm. The FCX Arm can be moved in any course to adjust the line of sight totally, and when it is released, it holds the firearm in that exact position. This precision positioning of crosshairs to the target permits the shooter to be in the ideal position when pulling the trigger, unlike traditional rest that requires pushing, pulling or inclining toward the firearm to pick up that last conformity, driving then into an awful result.

The FCX shooting rest is built and delivered for extreme solidness and strength. The alteration of the length and front support tallness offer the flexibility to accommodates any shotgun, rifle or muzzleloader. Click Here For Our Thorough Review

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Best Traditional Gun Rest


a) CTK P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest:



CTK precision p3 ultimate shooting rest.While being able to absorb recoil, P3 should be classified as a traditional Shooting Rest because its ability to reduce recoil does not compare to the models made for this function. Built on a stable platform, it is an excellent choice for those looking for a gun rest that is capable of handling guns of moderate or small caliber, perfect for daily activities like boresighting, zeroing, or even gun cleaning. Yes, for a few dollars you can turn your shooting rest into a gun vise. In the end, you get two products for the price of one. Click Here For Our Thorough Review



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b) Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest:



Caldwell matrix shooting rest.The Caldwell Matrix is obviously not built to reduce recoil, this gun rest is a good option for anyone looking for a shooting rest that can perform basic tasks, but that does not break the bank. Because it is made of plastic, you need to be careful when using more powerful rifles, the energy of the recoil will end up damaging the equipment or even your stock. If you do not want to invest more than $50 in a Shooting Rest and do not look for something to reduce recoil energy, that is your choice. Click Here For Our Thorough Review



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c)Primo’s Gen 2 Jim Shockey Trigger Stick:



Primos trigger stick tripodVersatile and lightweight, the Primos Gen 2 Shooting Stick is undoubtedly one of the best options for those looking for a shooting rest to hunt. Fully adjustable, its technology makes it suitable for use on rocky terrain or in forest areas. Weighing just 4 pounds, it’s the perfect choice for extended hunting trips, where every extra weight matters. Plus it’s compatible with almost everything, from a crossbow to an AR15. Being possible even uses it with spotting scopes, binoculars, and cameras. Click Here For Our Thorough Review



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Best Pistol Rest

a) Ransom Handgun Rest:


Ransom Pistol RestWhen it comes to handgun rests, the name Ransom can not be left out. Used by renowned pistol and revolver factories, it is the most reliable way to remove the human error factor. Its grip technology is fully customized, accepting virtually any handgun model. By using a grip for each gun, its performance becomes almost perfect, as it locks the gun in an entirely safe way. Also, it has the option of shooting with a lever (remote shooting), which makes testing more secure and standardized. Click Here For Our Thorough Review




Best Benchrest Shooting Rest



a) Caldwell Rock BR Front Rest:

Caldwell rock br competition front shooting rest.The Caldwell Rock BR Shooting Rest brings the same features found on others professional front rests, including coarse and angle adjustments, like elevation and windage adjustment. The cradle is sustained on ball bearings, and the base is built in cast iron, there is stainless steel leveling feet, a bag tensioning adjustment, and adjustable forend stop. The Caldwell Rock BR offers you the stability you need to shoot the tightest groups possible and accepts all the Caldwell shooting bags. Also, includes a 3 inches Lobe Bag (unfilled) and a Medium Varmint Bag (filled). Click Here For Our Thorough Review


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Which Are The Leading Shooting Rest Brands?

Nowadays there are many gun rest manufacturers competing in this particular market, some of them with years of expertise and tradition behind. The most famous for their quality in shooting equipment and more especially gun rest are:
  • CaldwellBest shooting rest brand.
  • Primos
  • Hyskore
  • Sinclair
  • Ransom
  • CTK
  • Edgewood
  • Protektor

Choosing A Shooting Rest

If you’re about to get into the gun rest game, it’s imperative to consider several aspects to make sure that the shooting rest you want to purchase is right for you. The first thing you should know is that new shooting rest are much easier to use and boast greater effectiveness and accuracy than older models.


Understanding Different Types Of Shooting Rest

Shooting Rests are available in a variety of styles, and each has its unique characteristics. Some of the most common variations you’ll encounter include:


Traditional Shooting Rest

Gun Rests are available in basically two models. The model that serves only to hold the firearm, which can be represented by shooting tables, shooting sticks, tactical pods and so on. As stated earlier, these models are designed to stabilize the gun. That is, they are not assigned to tasks that require massive recoil reduction, such as shotgun patterning, stronger caliber ammunition testing, powerful rifles zeroing and such things. For this type of work, the Lead Sleds were invented.
Probably you must be wondering: “Why the heck I will choose a traditional shooting rest then?!
Well, they are simply the best shooting rests for hunting as they provide stability for various terrains and are very lightweight, many weighing less than 5 pounds, such as the Primos Hunting Shooting Stick.
Obviously, they also have other indications, such as boresighting and sighting-in (depending on the caliber). They are certainly a good investment for hunters and shooters who use moderate caliber rifles.


Lead Sled Shooting Rest

This type of gun rest is the best and only indication when it comes to massive recoil reduction. Patented by Caldwell, this kind of tool allows the shooter to perform multiple shots without sore shoulders and arms. What allows this recoil reduction is the innovative Lead Sled architecture, which allows the energy released by the firearm to be “absorbed” by the robust structure of the equipment, leading to a dramatic recoil energy reduction, which can reach up to 95%. Besides, you can add weight to your Lead Sled, which further optimizes recoil reduction and allows you to use virtually any caliber in this shooting rest.
The recommendations for using Lead Sleds range from improving groupings to rifle testing at famous factories. Being more recommended for routine tasks like patterning, zeroing, ammo/gun test, and stuff like that.
If you want to get a deeper understanding of how Lead Sled works, check out our complete guide here.


Benchrest Shooting Rest

Also known as Front Rest, this category is included in the first described type of gun rest, the traditional ones. However, they have some peculiarities, because they are made for competitions and require an excellent mobility, which is not found in other traditional rests. If you are a professional or amateur athlete and are looking for mobility that can not be found in shooting bags, this is the right shooting rest for you. The price may scare you a bit at first, but do not worry, there are good options on the market that are affordable, such as the Caldwell Rock BR Front Rest.

Making Sense Of Our Shooting Rest Reviews

Clicking the “Our Review” link next to a shooting sled in the comparison chart will take you to our expert review of that particular model. When we write our reviews, we bear in mind that it is written by a person who has experience in the subject, and first of all, that the author has a good knowledge of what consumers think of the rifle rest model in question. We have in mind that there is no use in posting a bunch of articles containing the same information you already have. That’s why we look for originality.



Types Of Weight To Use With

Depending on the kind of gun you are using, the use of some weight will be required (the lead sled has a space for this), such as barbell weights, dumbbells, sandbags, or lead shot weight bags. The latter being the most recommended, as it causes better division of recoil power, which reflects in the final result.


Although assembling seems complicated, the assembly of the lead sled is simple. It takes up to 10 minutes and is all explained in detail in the review of each item, which you can find in the table above.

Time To Choose The Best Shooting Rest

Now that you understand the basics of choosing the best gun rest and already know the best options on the market, it’s up to you to assess your needs, set your budget, and choose the best shooting rest for the money.

The shooting rests belonging to these categories are further divided based on their primary use. You can find proper shooting rest for hunting, target practice, daily activities, and fun.
If you take the time to check all these points, along with our shooting rest reviews, before investing in a gun rest, you have great chances to find the ideal shooting rest.

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